Has Scotland’s Net Zero Strategy left Offshore Energy adrift?

15th October 2023

16:30 – 17:30

PJ& Live, Aberdeen

A just energy transition is essential to tackle the climate crisis. Findings by OEUK revealed that offshore energy could invest up to £200bn on UK energy production and technology projects in the remainder of this decade to help deliver government energy targets. This session will ask how offshore energy can be mobilised to achieve Net Zero, support the pre-existing workforce and lead the Just Transition movement. Join us as we bring together representatives from government, the offshore energy sector and academia to explore steps needed to prepare the offshore workforce ensuring Scotland remains on track to deliver its climate targets.



Professor Paul de Leeuw

Director of the RGU Energy Transition Institute

Neil Gray

Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy Scottish Government

Dave Whitehouse


Lee Backhouse

Senior Manager, Responsible Investments, Scottish Widows

Name Surname MP

Shadow Minister for Skills and Further Education

Name Surname MP

Shadow Minister for Skills and Further Education

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